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Specialized in the ICT sector for years, MULTINET s.r.l. manufactures structured cabling, security systems, access control, CCTV, anti-intrusion, electrical systems, automation and multimedia rooms.
The reference market is mainly that of the PA, Ministry of Defense, a sector of the Armed Forces engaged in both national and international operational theaters.
The technical team and Human Resources used by the company have made significant results possible, in particularly delicate and complex contexts.
MULTINET srl, in fact, invests many of its economic resources in continuous training and improvement of individual professional skills.
We create integrated anti-intrusion systems for the protection of your assets and for your peace of mind.
Modern systems for maximum freedom of use, for indoors and outdoors.
40 years of experience in civil and military installations at the service of your security.
Beware of improvised people and the latest arrivals.
Security is a serious matter to deal with Professionals.
The cameras are now part of our daily lives, so why use them to our advantage? Reading license plates, face recognition, anti-intrusion, abandonment or subtraction of objects, are just some of the features that a modern video surveillance system can offer.
We design and build multimedia systems for videoconferencing, sound diffusion and video diffusion for congress halls, classrooms, set-ups on mobile operating vehicles, outdoor events.
All aimed at ease of use through interconnection between the individual devices that make up the system, which can be managed from a PC or tablet.
We design, install and certify complex systems for the local and remote connection of communication systems between computers and devices of different nature.
We have gained many years of experience in data transmission systems and are equipped with all the instruments for their realization.
Shielding products for electromagnetic interference
Shielding products, such as shielded rooms, curtains and doors, find application in various sectors and are able to offer a high degree of protection from electromagnetic interference.
Tempest products, EMC electrical network filters and EMC mechanical filters for electrical and hydraulic pipes, EMC filters for metal ventilation ducts could not be missing.
We create data centers with redundancy of data flows, high-speed fiber optic connections, local for "RED" and "BLACK" signals with redundant and backup power supply.
Air conditioning, electrical systems, smoke detection, anti-intrusion, access control, turnkey video surveillance.
RF filters on power lines and signals.

We design teacher-pupil classrooms complete with interactive whiteboards, projectors, sound system, video distribution system, teacher-pupil software, LAN distribution with optical fiber, soundproofing and lighting masonry.
Air conditioning, video surveillance systems.
We design and install low and medium voltage systems, photovoltaic street lighting, solar multimedia information panels for tourist locations, backup units with ups and generators, automatic exchange panels, remote control, home automation.
all managed remotely in the control room with PC or via tablet.
Last but not least, we have a sector that deals with building renovation for private and public bodies.
The SOA certification, which regulates the sector, allows us to perform complete turnkey works.
Specialized workers ranging from skilled mason to interior decorator are able to lay floors, walls, any type of paint, artistic stucco. Plumbers, carpenters and craftsmen specialized in various sectors guarantee a work of the art.
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Multinet srl
Via Giuseppe Manno,6 - 00176 Roma
email: info@multinetsrl.com
email: multinetsrl@tiscali.it
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telefono: +39 392 708 0734
P.IVA e C.F. 16091121000 REA 1634002
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